Rock Harley - A Tribute to - Johnny Cash
       "Rock's Gang"
Touring the United States and Canada,
"Rock'sGang" covered the hits songs of the 50' & 60's. They performed regularly for the 'Championship Auto Shows' and  the 'Autorama'. The travelling band took their act on the road to play on stages at State Fairs, concert halls and nightclubs throughout North America. This outstanding group of musicians and vocalists created original compositions in the early tradition of rock 'n roll and country music. Known for their high-energy sets complete with original choreography and comedic banter, they mesmerized audiences across the land!
Rock Harley was, of course, the leader of'Rock's Gang'  playing guitar as well as performing as lead vocalist from 1971-1978. 
He and his bandmates inspired many young musicians to follow thier dreams, including early 'punk rockers'.
Rock is proud of his band's accomplishments and is delighted to share with you these memorable photos from the past.
 Although "Rock's Gang" disbanded several years ago, Rock remains dedicated to bringing quality entertainment to the stage through his larger than life portayal of
 'the Man in Black'....
the legendary Johnny Cash.
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